Submarining - kps_memphisrains

Diving Test
A fascinating field that I got into thanks to my friend K.P.Subramaniam whose vision is was to build a working model submarine.

After 3 years of painstaking research, design and planning, he had the components fabricated and shipped to us.

We set about building it in Feb 05 and finally presented it in our college in April as part of our Bachelors Degree (his Mechanical and mine Electrical). This was the Lafayette Model.

To explore still this novel idea of "mini submarines" having immense commercial potential, we entered into the Windows Embedded Student Challenge, where we had fun designing the software and electronic systems that would be needed to make them a real-world success.

Do check out our photo and video galleries for the Lafayette model, and also the MU Sub (Delphi) we designed and nearly built for the WESC.