Electronics - Quiz Buzzer (µp)

Built to determine order in which contestants press their buzzers during a quiz, this project of mine uses a simple polling sequence & stores contestants. There is an mask that blanks input so participants cannot press their button a second time until the round is over (reset).

As with MOST of my projects, this buzzer uses my very own circuit (designed with EDA software), hand drawn & assembled by my. ALP coding is in 8051 Assembly using an IDE.

This was my first microcontroller project. Built back in August 2004, it took about a week to design & build, and another week to code. Most of the coding was done in my HOD's room (cutting class of course)...


Once finished however, I had to wait until december to actually burn it onto chip. Being my first uC project I had reservations on being able to get it to work by myself. I had waited 4 months till I could get help from someone who had dirtied his hands with the 8051. I then went on to make my own philips programmer...

Anyways, do look at the schematics & alp overloaf