Hello, I'm Imran, a freelance developer who has been passionate about solving problems with programming solutions for 17 years. I started with vb6 and simple html in 2000, moved to .Net 2.0 in 2006 and picked up php in 2011.


I've done windows apps, WCF services, ASPMVC sites, WPF, VSTO and a little bit of AD. I've built frameworks and managed core development for a variety of products, in domains like sales, erp, repair jobs, loan processing (included a batch framework) and MS Word plugins. I now work on an Assessment / Course Management product build with Asp.Net and Durandal.


I've worked in php as well and prefer that for small to medium sized freelance projects. I've used yiiframework on a B2B ecommerce site, back office order management project and a billing (yii2) system. Vastly experienced with WordPress / WooCommerce, I also have a hand rolled micro cms for simpler sites.

Why Me?

To get in touch with me, simply call +919566166880.