Electronics & Embedded development

I was introduced to electronics way back in 1998. My first project entailed a speedometer for my cycle. It worked off dynamo and took 4 months to build. Though the design wasn't fully by me, I followed all that went on.

We then made a 4 Channel Chiming + Striking Master Clock for my dad (Gani & Sons). This occupied us from August till December of the same year (10th Standard for me). The following year saw the use of EPROMS, e-CAD and the like.

In college I tried my hand each year at projects for our "Open House". These include my Height Recorder and a directional customer counter.In my final year (Aug '04) I was inspired by a lecturer to undertake a microcontroller project - the Quiz Buzzer.

In January 05, we worked on the micromouse entry for IIT Bombay's Techfest.February saw work on the Lafayette model underway and March the completion of my Energy Meter. By this time work had begun for the WESC - our DELPHI Multi Utility Submarine.